falling snow, frozen treetops

[vimeo 16820607 w=400 h=265]

1-minute video with audio captured in minneapolis, mn on november 13, 2010 as part of the simultania project (a collaborative event where people from all over the world film and record sound during the same 1-minute-moment in time)

note: shortly after the 30-second mark, there is a cracking in the distance to the right – this was a tree that had collapsed off-camera under the weight of the falling snow. the sound of the tree hitting the ground must have been muffled by the blanket of already accumulated snow.

while walking (miniature landscapes)







photographs taken along a short walk today. i wasn’t always attracted to the worn / beat up / scared / melting / dirty snow of late winter, but lately i have been finding the way they show their history, their formations and coloration quite beautiful. they seem to form landscapes that are both miniature and expansive at the same time.