call, response

i am pleased to announce that call, response, a collaborative album containing musical conversations between myself and artist josh mason (jacksonville, fl), will be published as a 12″ vinyl lp in early 2014 by own records (luxembourg).

Call, Response was conceived of as a long distance musical conversation between the two artists. A single take of material performed by one artist was recorded to magnetic tape and sent to the other with the restriction that accompaniment be recorded in real time as well, closely simulating a live performance. Over time, as the players learned more about each other and their methods, an overarching quality to the body of work developed from their shared sensibilities. The call and response format allowed the voice of each artist to be present, interacting and intersecting, within a murky atmosphere punctuated by melodic fragments and moments of clarity.

working on a full-length album

lately i have been working on putting out a self-released full length album of recent musical works. i am still working out the title, physical packaging and a final track listing, but a preview of what i have so far can be listened to here

all sounds: acoustic guitar, violin, harmonica, melodica, shruti box, toy piano, field recordings, electronics, computer and other objects.