an unlikely collaboration

i made a field recording while walking the entire length of the market in downtown minneapolis today – passing people, traffic and the occasional street musician. when i later listened to the playback of the recording, i became interested in the passing moments of a hammered dulcimer and a saxophone player. working with the limitation of leaving elements of their original performances intact, i wanted to see how i could resolve their two performances into a musical composition.

the following is live processing the single field recording into a collaboration of sorts

live processing for field recording, hammered dulcimer, saxophone and laptop



using lloopp to re-layer a tape loop (in real time) of an acoustic guitar recorded on a reel to reel tape recorder. sadly, this was the only loop i was able to record on the newly repaired reel to reel recorder before the unit suddenly lost almost all amplification. i am hoping that it is just one of the tubes (it looks like they are all originals from the mid 1960’s).