pressing forward, left to drown


condition: (as determined by the thirteenth junto project) create something new by using only a recording of wild up performing chamber symphony, op. 110a, by dimitri shostakovich. duration should be between two and seven minutes.

process: original recordings processed through effect pedals, looped live to closed tape loops and recorded down to 4-track open reel tape in three passes.




improvisation sourced from live input of a vinyl pressing of rachmaninoff’s sontana in g minor, op. 19. into mlr using an ardinome

(the turntable used was a recently acquired portable. after some work cleaning up the idler wheel and soldering to fix a volume issue today, the califone is now in great working order)

plays dvorak




finished restoring an old audiotronics portable record player today. it needed a rebuilt idler wheel and a major repair on the tone arm before it could be used. i made the following audio piece using the turntable as the input device.

created from dvorak’s symphony no. 9 In e minor – music for phonograph and electronics