12/16 performance (with todd harper)

reel to reel + keys

i’ll be performing a duet with todd harper for piano and tape machines at studio z on 12/16 at 7pm as part of the new ruckus composer series. a short discussion with the audience will follow the performance.

the performed composition will be continuing a musical conversation between artists david andree and todd harper that began as an improvised session at the black dog in august.

piano is fed into an ecosystem of tape machines that consume, layer, recycle and otherwise transform the instrument into new sonic atmospheres in real-time. shifting melodies and rhythmic structures emerge out of loops of magnetic tape and live piano which are either cultivated or contradicted.

the 12/16 performance will be a further iteration of the composition ‘brambles at night’ building from components of the previous generation, while adding new accompanyment and seeking further metamorphosis.

david andree – modified tape machines, electronics, tape loops
todd harper – piano

12/16/2014, 7pm

Studio Z
275 East Fourth St. Suite 200
St. Paul, MN

(651) 755-1600

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