spring 2013 course offerings

i’ll be teaching four courses open to the public this spring at the minneapolis college of art and design through the continuing education program. registration opens today and there is a $25 early registration discount before january 14th, 2013.


sound art: location, collection, manipulation http://mcad.edu/continuing-education/photography-and-filmmaking/sound-art-location-collection-and-manipulation

This class is designed for anyone interested in exploring sound. Over the duration of the class, students will build their own contact microphones designed to collect sounds on-location that otherwise might not be audible, as well as recording the results of intentionally manipulating instruments and objects.

This developed library of recorded material will be used as a basis for arrangements and experimentation using accessible hardware and software through in-class demonstrations and hands-on sessions. The class will prepare students with the tools and knowledge necessary to create and present their own sound works, culminating in a sound performance event lead by the instructor.

drawing as process http://mcad.edu/continuing-education/drawing-and-painting/drawing-process-spring-2013

This class examines the act of drawing as a means for research, examination, experimentation, and, ultimately, a record of experience.

Students will explore approaches stemming from basic observational drawing to generative processes based on conceptual prompts in the studio through demonstrations, in-class exercises and discussions. This class is designed for anyone interested in using drawing as a means to generate ideas.

drawing into printmaking http://mcad.edu/continuing-education/drawing-and-painting/drawing-printmaking-spring-2013

How do artists start to generate ideas that may lead to a meaningful body of work? Working in both the drawing and print studios, students in this class will combine the issues of drawing and the processes of printmaking to explore how they work in tandem to encourage expansive imagery creation and idea generation.

Through in-class exercises and demonstrations, students will learn strategies to make dynamic and responsive drawings, and discover how to use printmaking as a method in and of itself for creating further meaning and ideation. Students will also learn the processes involved in producing editions of intaglio prints, providing an opportunity to experiment with using the “finished” print as starting point for creating new drawings and other works. / While printmaking and drawing experience is beneficial, it is not required.

botanical drawing http://mcad.edu/continuing-education/drawing-and-painting/botanical-drawing-spring-2013

This class provides an introduction to the history and splendor of botanical drawing. Students will use a variety of media such as graphite, colored pencils, and watercolor to create their own series of illustrations.

This class will also address the basic techniques used to capture both the detail and the beautiful and mysterious qualities of the botanical world. Class sessions will include presentations, demonstrations, and on-location drawing at the Como Conservatory in Saint Paul. / Basic drawing skills are recommended, but not required.

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