3 thoughts on “overlap, saturate

  1. Hey David,
    great great work!! Have you done these w a pinhole camera, right?
    what kind of pinhole are you using? i`m just looking into stuff to try a pinhole myself (creating it for my DSLR). But you do expose 2 x on the same frame for these pictures. And the waterlily series, pinhole as well? do you manipulate a lot (colour) in post prod afterwards?
    if you have any advice for me that would be great.
    + ps. the music is not playing, is that normal?
    good work keep on!
    cheers, ildiko

    • thanks ildiko – yes, all the photos you are curious about were done with a pinhole. i made one myself out of a body cap and i use it on a nikon d90. sometimes i will expose two or even three frames on each shot. i do some adjustments of curves in post, but most of the other artifacts are from the process in the field.

      my advice would be simply to go out and shoot a lot – i get a lot of ideas from previous work. experiment with hole size as this will effect your exposure time and image qualities. in addition, try multiple holes – it can give you interesting multiple exposure results in one take.

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