mia drawing project, 7/31


i will be orchestrating a collaborative drawing project at the minneapolis institute of art on 7/31 from 6-9pm. you are invited to participate, as the event is open to the public as part of their “the artist is in” series.

During the event, participants will be encouraged to explore various approaches to perceptually-based drawing, ranging from gesturally-based strategies, experimental mark-making, and other various approaches to the materials. Drawings will be made on semi-transparent media which will enable participants to layer their drawings with other visitor’s explorations. As drawings accumulate from the evening, the works will then be superimposed to create new compositional structures. Images of the resulting layered drawings will be posted online throughout the evening.



emulsion manipulation

emulsion manipulation 01

emulsion manipulation 02

emulsion manipulation 03

emulsion manipulation 04

emulsion manipulation 05

images from recent photographic manipulations investigating various processes to lift the emulsion in order to decay and transform them by rearranging their elements organically. during the process of exploring the techniques, cody yantis asked me to work on artwork for a collaborative 7″ lathe cut and dvd release. in turn, the above images originated from stills in the dvd which were then manipulated and rephotographed.

more information on the release and ordering information can be found at fet-press.com

Saguache – Permadepth/Sky Island
7″ Lathe Cut & DVD
April 15th,2014

two frames

[vimeo 81061422 w=425 h=239]

in anticipation of the release “call, response,” a collaborative album by artists david andree and josh mason, this video piece was made with a dual-frame structure mirroring the working process of the album. each artist created their own sequence to be played back simultaneously to compliment an excerpt of a piece from the album titled “a beacon, peace and a steambath.”

on the right: david andree shot his material along the mississippi river in minnesota, returning to the same location where he shot the album’s cover art photograph.

on the left: josh mason shot his material in various locations in florida.

call, response
david andree + josh mason

own records

morning music

[vimeo 25748954 w=400 h=225]

mm-cc - 06.26.11 from Jared Smyth on Vimeo.

From a series of gatherings put on by artist jared smyth where friends get together and make music, art, video etc. This video documents an excerpt of a long-form improvisation involving myself (david andree), john keston and jared smyth on 6-26-2011.

my instruments for the session included acoustic guitar, melodica, brushes, contact mics, 2880, modified 4-track loaded with cassette tape loops, and a reel to reel with a closed tape loop. john keston was playing the roland june-106, triggering the roland mks-80 with the gms, and playing acoustic piano. jared smyth was running grainslide and cutting live loops from everyone’s signals. jared smyth did the final mixing, shot and edited the documentation video.

see the original post here and many more wonderful sessions with different artists over at mm-cc.org

john keston’s work can be found at http://audiocookbook.org/