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in creating quiet/subtle sound works there are many times one can run into the problem of stage volume not masking the sound of foot-switches, which can take away from a work. to minimize the noise of switch clicks, i modified a selection of my electro-harmonix pedals (2880 foot controller, stereo memory man with hazarai, cathedral reverb) by installing momentary click-less soft-switches when possible. this modification is an easy drop-in replacement and would be beneficial to anyone using these pedals who desires a lower noise level for recording or live situations. i’m interested in cusack’s tbs2 for replacing noisy 3pdt on/off switches next.

edit: i already had a couple people ask about the toggle on the stereo memory man + cathedral. that was a separate modification allowing you to record/layer or freeze the reverb without having to keep holding the switch down. a post regarding that modification can be found here

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  1. Hi David, where is the best place to get hold of the momentary click-less soft switches for this? Is this an easy mod to do? (never really modded anything before…)

  2. Hi this is great, and i just got the memory man and thought that it was was too loud and abrupt sounding especially when the loop repeats. Is it as easy to pop the old one out and replace with the new? I noticed the one that is in it has a circuit board attached to it. Also where did you order your the new switch from?

    • the circuit board is just to aid wiring – simply connecting conduits. for the tap tempo / record switch it is that easy to drop in a new switch. you can find the switches at most electronic parts resellers. i know offhand that small bear stocks them.

  3. Hey!

    Awesome post

    Kind of a noob at mods, but I was wondering if you could help me pick out compatible “arcade buttons” for a similar mod

    I realize i would have to do more modding to the casing to accommodate the larger diameter arcade buttons but it would be worth it to me for the sensitivity of the new buttons.

    This handles my only gripe with the is footswitch – the 2880 is so awesome otherwise – I used to have a boomerang and like the switches on that, so now i just want to upgrade my 2280 footswitch to get a similar response


  4. One more thing – Saw the switches you used on small bear – Should I go with the “Normally Open Operation” option or the “Normally Closed Operation” option?


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